AvP2 impressions

Saw this over at Voodoo Extreme. Another game I cant wait to play!

"So after finally tracking down a copy of Aliens vs. Predator 2 and getting a chance to play it, I can honestly say that using a keyboard and mouse combo sure beats the crap out of a gamepad (after playing Halo, of course) and not having your FPS locked at 30 is another nice feature as well (I never thought I'd say that a LithTech engined game ran really fast, heh). Getting on to the game itself, it's pretty cool so far. The graphics are nice and the atmosphere is creepy. The variety of weapons is decent and post-patch, the game plays very smoothy. Here are a few shots from the start of the game (and no, I'm pretty sure that's not Dennis Hopper, but it sure looks like him). So, what are your first impressions of the game?"

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