Azure Data Studio's October release brings Query History and more

A few weeks back, Microsoft made available the September release for Azure Data Studio. As part of that update, the cross-platform data management tool got a new community extension, Notebook improvements, and more.

Now, the Redmond firm has announced availability for this month's release of Azure Data Studio. Here's all that is new for the service in October:

  • Announcing the Query History extension
  • New copy/paste results grid functionality
  • Bug fixes

Explaining the new capabilities in a bit more detail, starting off with Query History, the latest extension offers users the capability to store previously executed SQL queries to modify and execute them whenever required. As can be observed above, the highly requested feature enables users to see recent queries' status of execution, their database connection, and their time of execution. The extension can be downloaded from 'Extensions' in the 'View' menu, and then utilized by clicking 'Query History'.

Moving on, rows and columns from the results grid can now be copied from Data Studio and pasted to a different grid, such as the one in Excel. In particular, this capability targets the selection of individual cells from a grid, as shown in the gif above. Columns and rows that are not selected are ignored, while those that are not included in the copy parameters are nulled. Interestingly, Microsoft says that this capability was not actually planned and is just something the team came up with while fixing a copying-related bug.

There are also some updates to the Powershell extension that you can read more about here. The extension was demoed in Azure Data Studio as part of Microsoft's Azure Friday series; you can check out the video for that here. And finally, there are a host of bug fixes released as part of the October update that can be viewed here.

You can download Azure Data Studio to experience the aforementioned capabilities for yourself, and submit feature requests or report on issues at the relevant GitHub issues page.

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