Ballmer predicts weak growth, unfazed by Google

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has had a short conversation filmed with the BBC's business editor, Robert Peston - regarding how Ballmer perceives Microsoft will deal with its competitors in each of the company's key markets, given the current financial climate. Discussed are Microsoft's successes but also aspects of the business Ballmer is eager to improve on.

The recording of the interview can be found on the BBC's Technology site.

Ballmer comes across as energetic, and upon being asked about how he feels about Microsoft's efforts to enter as a big search engine provider with Bing he replies: "There is one business, search, in which Google is very strong, and sure - its the toughest competition. We have I think here in the UK, three percent market share whilst Google have eighty five. But in a sense that's kinda fun, every day is a good day, we get a chance everyday to prove, its not so bad."

According to the BBC, Microsoft have felt the sharp pinch of the global recession in the same way as many other companies. The United States have been in recession since December 2007 and Microsoft profits have fell by almost a third in the April-to-June quarter. Yet, Ballmer remains optimistic, telling the BBC: "I'm feeling more optimistic that we won't feel a second dip" in terms of economic growth. He discusses all manner of projects with the BBC, including Microsoft's impressive 'Project Natal' expressing that individuals and companies have shown interest in the technology.

The development of Windows 7 is also discussed, and Ballmer assures that when launched end users will notice a more responsive operating system, much quicker boot sequences and an improved quality of product over all. "Windows 7, you will find much more responsive, including time to start the system or bring it back out of what we call 'sleep mode' will be almost instantaneous."

Microsoft's relationship with Google is discussed in some detail. Ballmer dismisses Google's success as 'nothing magic' and seems unfazed by their current battle to become the world's most powerful technological company. "We've had plenty of competitors come after us for years, there's nothing magic about Google." Interestingly Ballmer's take on anything Apple seems to not have come up in conversation within the interview. The video is quite short and a good watch to get up to date with Microsoft's state in the current economic climate.

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