Ballmer Still Tilting at Linux

Microsoft Corp. has grown its market share in almost all of its businesses over the past year, CEO Steve Ballmer said Thursday, while acknowledging that Linux had also grown its market share over that period. Speaking to financial analysts, media and investors at its Financial Analyst Meeting here, Ballmer addressed the competitive situation facing the company. "The issue is whether software is a business of innovation and value or will it be commoditized? Microsoft has a chance to create great value and is investing in that," he said.

On the issue of the competitive threat from Linux in general and IBM Corp. in particular, Ballmer said the issue was between proprietary and open software. Big Blue now supports WebSphere on Linux, he said, but questioned exactly what that meant. "Can IBM give you a product roadmap for Linux? Can they deliver new features and fixes to Linux? Does it indemnify the intellectual property in Linux? No, no and no," he said.

News source: eWeek

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