Battle Chess revival gets Kickstarter campaign

Yet anther old school game franchise is seeking Kickstarter supporters for help. This week, Subdued Software has launched a campaign to raise money for Battle Chess, a revival of the strategy fantasy game series that was originally launched by Interplay in 1988.

The Kickstarter campaign is actually seeking financial support to complete the new Battle Chess title, which Subdued Software has been working on for two years in between other paying projects. The Kickstarter page states:

We explored many outside funding options, only to be told they weren't interested because "board games don't sell." Undeterred, we pushed on, but ultimately the money ran so low that we were forced to stop production altogether. 

The company decided to ask for fan support after Double Fine was successful via Kickstarter in achieving funding for its upcoming adventure game. Subdued Software is looking to raise $100,000 inside of 26 days. The page states, "We need funding to complete various features of the game. Most importantly, we need to fund the completion of online multiplayer."

The game itself is fully licensed from Interplay and will feature full 3D models along with "75 unique battle sequences viewable in cinematic 3D or in classic mode." It will also have a revamped chess engine, three battleground, seven gameplay modes and more. Battle Chess is currently slated for the PC platform but if the developers raise more than their goal level they will consider porting the game to Android, Mac, iOS and Xbox 360 platforms.

Image via Subdued Software/Interplay

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