Battlefield 2 Multiplayer Map Preview

Gamespy is in the process of posting a preview of all 12 multiplayer maps included in EA Games and Digital Illusions CE's upcoming online shooter, Battlefield 2. The first part of the article focuses on the maps Strike at Karkand, The Zatar Wetlands, and The Songhua Stalemate. More maps will be revealed each day this week.

Each of the game's 12 maps will come in 16, 32, and 64 player flavors, with strategies varying greatly depending on the number of players in each game. This allows for players with slower connections to be able to enjoy the game even with only 15 other players.

One of the more interesting maps should prove to be Strike at Karkand, a map in an urban setting that is clouded by dust and soot, making air units unusable. The streets are littered with burning cars and other tank obstacles, making armor movement a difficult practice to perfect. Attacks can come from almost any window lining the street, and small arms could prove to be the weapon of choice.

Have a read through the article. If you're still contemplating a purchase even after trying the demo, more information about the other maps might be just what you need to make that decision.

Battlefield 2 is due out on the 21st of June on PC.

News source: Gamespy

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