Battlefield 2142 All Unlock weekend has begun!

It seems someone at EA is interested in making some of you non-believers go out and buy (or stay home and buy) Battlefield 2142. After months in the top 10 on the sales charts, EA has decided to go and give everyone every single unlock the game has to offer, for the entire weekend until this Monday at midnight. So if you are one of the many who own Battlefield 2142, load up soldier and get some unlocked goodness going! And if you don't own the game yet, what are you waiting for?

"In an effort to let everyone preview all unlocks while playing in a ranked environment we will be granting all soldiers every one of the upgrades over the coming 4 days," the official site explains.

"Starting Friday and lasting until midnight PST Monday every soldier who logs in will be able to fight it out with every unlock in Battlefield 2142! Jump on and play alongside us during this free for all weekend."

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