BBC Website £36 Million Over Budget

New figures just released by the BBC Trust show that their internet operations have left a bill of £110m for the last 12 months of their operation. This is a staggering 48% over budget (or £36m).

During the review, the BBC Trust labelled the incident as a 'serious breach' of the BBC's service license agreement, and has put conditions on signing of a further £39m requested for the development of online services for the future. Unless the management of show 'improved management controls', they will not get this further finance.

Despite this, the Trust has said that statistics show that the 16.5 million monthly users of the BBC's web offerings are generally happy with the services they receive.

I'll leave it up to each of you to judge if the 48% overspend really constitutes a 48% rise in level of service delivered.

View: The Guardian

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