Before Blue: Microsoft to update core apps

If you have used Windows 8, you will know that the core apps that come with the OS could use a bit of, well, sprucing up. While we know that Windows Blue will bring some much needed refinement to the OS, many have been wondering when the core apps would be updated.

Fortunately, it looks like Windows Mail, Calendar, Music, and Games could be updated very soon, if Mary Jo Foley’s sources prove to be correct. It also looks like we may not have to wait all that long as the source states that Microsoft is currently dogfooding the apps and they could arrive as early as this month.

While we wait to see what the application updates actually bring to the platform, we hope that Microsoft does not make a habit of long delays between updates. These apps are a critical component of the Windows 8 experience and Microsoft needs to keep the polished and feature complete.

While Microsoft works to spruce up its core apps of Windows 8, Windows Blue is steamrolling ahead and should mark a significant update to the OS. While not confirmed, we are hearing that the Start screen will receive several improvements to the usability of the space and a few additional tick boxes for customization may be added to the control panel. Again, nothing solid to go on here, but it’s what the fly on the wall has been whispering about for the past few weeks.

Look for the app updates to arrive soon and considering our interest peaked to see how Microsoft adds a bit of polish to these applications. 

Source: ZDnet

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