Benchmark shows 8 unreleased Windows Phones

A Windows Phone 7 benchmark given to WPCentral has shown eight unreleased devices, some which were previously known and others which are unknown at this point. Chances are that these devices will all be released sometime soon and packing some Windows Phone 7 “Mango” on board. They are as follows:

  • HTC Mazaa
  • HTC Omega C110e
  • FujitsuTos IS12T
  • Samsung SGH-i937
  • LG LS831
  • Nokia SeaRay
  • Nokia XXX
  • NA NA

The HTC Mazaa is rumoured to be a specs upgrade of the HTC Trophy, and not much is known about the HTC Omega at this stage. The Fujitsu IS12T has already been announced and will be released on August 25th. The Samsung SGH-i937 has popped up a number of times and is rumoured to be a Galaxy S II-like device running Windows Phone 7 Mango.

We have seen a video of the Nokia device codenamed “Sea Ray” before, and it is essentially a Nokia N9 running WP7. Nokia appears to be keeping the device name of the “Nokia XXX” device under wraps so it’s likely a device unseen before (possibly the rumoured Nokia 800). The LG LS831 is completely unknown at this stage, but it could a product code for the previously rumoured HD7-like LG Fantasy. The NA NA device is most likely masked (NA probably meaning “Not Available”).

So this shows us eight devices floating around in the wild powered by Windows Phone 7 that are yet to be released. There are certainly some exciting times coming for WP7, especially with the release of the next version of Windows Phone 7 - version 7.5 codenamed "Mango" - just around the corner.

Image credit: wpcentral

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