Bethesda & Zombie Studios Creating "Rogue Warrior"

Thanks to Voodoo Extreme for the scoop.
Bethesda and Zombie Studios will announce fairly soon (November 1st to be exact), a new FPS game in the style of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter named Rogue Warrior. The game uses the Unreal 3 engine (doesn't everything these days?) and will most certainly not be set in some fantasy world with orcs and goblins. The game is a counter-terrorist style game, set in modern times. Here's the information so far on the game, but remember, the game isn't quite officially announced yet, so no screenshots or anything yet:
Featuring four-player Live co-op and space for up to 24 players online, Rogue Warrior is aiming directly for Ghost Recon's counter-terrorist comfort zone - especially with its online play over Xbox Live.
Bethesda and Zombie are touting a multiplayer tiling system, which allows players to build multiplayer maps from sections of other maps. According to the magazine, each level is made up from three sections - you choose one, the other team picks another, the then centre section is plucked out of the list at random by the Xbox 360 (from over 200 combinations). Opposing teams won't know what the other team has picked until they're in the game. The main aim of this feature is to stop players getting bored of playing on the same maps, according to the makers.
The only release offered was '2007'.
The multiplayer "tiling" system sounds pretty neat, and I'm pretty sure eventually at least, a PC port will be announced as well. At least, there better be. Or I'll get angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.
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