Bethesda Softworks' forums hacked

Bethesda Softworks has suffered a new hack attack, this time on its message board forums, just a few months after it suffered a hack attack on other web sites it operates. reports that Bethesda Softworks informed users of its message boards via an email, saying that the breach occurred sometime in the morning of August 12. The company decided to reset all of the passwords used by its forum members "in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised." People can set up a new password by going through the steps after clicking on the "‘I’ve forgotten my password link" selection in the message board's login box. There's no word on which hacker group might be responsible for the attack.

Obviously if a forum member has also used the same password on other message boards or web sites it could also be used at those locations. Bethesda said in its email, "We recommend you do not use your old password or a password you have used for other sites. Further, if your old forum password was used for any other online purposes, we recommend changing the password on those accounts as well."

Last June, Bethesda Softworks suffered from a hack attack on web sites related to the recently released first person shooter Brink from developer Splash Damage. At the time the hacker group LulzSec claimed responsibility for the attack where some personal info was lifted. However no financial info was taken as a result of the attack.

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