BIG(!) Gaming Roundup

Thanks to my good friend ooo_h for all this great information - v kind.

1. Beta testing for Empire Earth (the new version) has started, and the link to that website is to be found : here.

2. The next version of "Tribes", Tribes: Fast Attack has been canceled for the PC. Instead, they will release Tribes 2: Aerial Assault for PS 2. Again, the PC is being marginalised -a bad move game devs.

3. Doom III is gonna be revealed in a 12 minute movie in quakecon in a few weeks time. Expect the new Doom III movie between the 15th to the 18th of august, thats when Quakecon begins.

4. Interested in some shots of the new FIFA / NBA games? well - i have some of the new FIFA game - which looks stunning. you can find links to some great screen shots here and here. Seen down below for more info.

5. A Batman game is being released to the PC after years! Its gunna be called Batman: Vengeance, and a demo for it can be found here.

6. Rise of the Middle Kingdom - the next Ceaser game by Impression gets a new website (here); this game will be released in September 11, 2002 (!), and will cost $39.99. Interestingly it will support MAC OS aswell as Windows. It also features a nice multiplayer feature.

7. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down has released a public beta. The game is released in October, and you can grab yourself a copy here.

Tidbits : Heroes 5 will be coming out in 2003; NOLF 2 has opens up a new website (here); Some big NFL 2003 screenshots here (Video), and big NHL 2003 screenshots here; FIFA screenshots are to be found here. NBA screenshots here and a video here

Hope that was useful folks! :P

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