Bill Gates on Windows Past, Present, and Future

It's hard to believe that twenty years ago, Microsoft Windows was the underdog of the industry, now shipped on 95% of PC's worldwide PC Magazine poses the question, Whats beyond Vista? to Bill Gates.

MM: Obviously now you're working on Vista. But what is your vision for the future? What would you like to see over the next 10 years, the next 20 years?

BG: In the future, things are going to be far more user-centric where a user will have a computer at work, a computer at home, a phone, and other devices. So instead of starting with your state being on that computer, you really want your state – your documents, your contacts, your schedule -- all to be available to you on every device. And if you personalize something and say you like this, it shows up on all those other devices.

View: The Full Article - There is also a nice round-up of Twenty years of Windows here.

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