Bill Gates sells a LOT of shares

OK, I have to give a grand thank you to Joe for this one...

Bill Gates, from the start of the year, has sold close to 48,130,000 of MSFT stock, netting him a whopping $3,184,040,603, and 75 cents

The biggest single transaction he performed was on 4/30/2001, selling 9,450,000, which landed him some "petty cash" of $645,791,710.

And the last sale of shares so far, on 08/03/2001, was to get some pocket change, when he sold 500,000 shares filling up his little wallet with the nice sum of 33,445,000.

Now this leaves our Uncle Bill with the poultry small amount of shares, totaling 664,049,000, which at the current todays price, would net him a cool $37,810,950,060 at current market prices. So far this month, he has lost $6,497,719,465... Gulp!

Now that's a lot of peanuts.

You can see for yourself in this "exclusive" glimse into the wealth of the biggest plumbing merchant the world has ever known!

View: CBS MarketWatch - Insiders - Declared Holdings of William Gates

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