Bill Gates shows up again in final South Park Xbox One-PS4 episode

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made two of their most memorable episodes of South Park in recent memory, as they chronicle how Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny have seen their friendship torn in two by the Xbox One-Playstation 4 console wars. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer even showed up for the second episode.

On Wednesday, Comedy Central showed the third and final installment in South Park's Xbox One-PS4 trilogy and you can check it out now on the show's official website. If you saw the last episode that aired two weeks ago, you know that the Black Friday shopping event was delayed from the day after Thanksgiving to the first Friday in December in South Park's universe. That meant an army of shoppers have been waiting a week to hit the malls to get their holiday shopping done.

For the South Park kids, all they care about is getting their hands on their next generation game console. But will the Xbox One or the PS4 win the final battle for the living room? We won't spoil what happens but we will say that Bill Gates shows up again, more Game of Thrones references are used, and the final outcome isn't quite what some might have expected. Oh, and there's a last second plug for the long-in-development South Park console RPG.

As with most episodes, this one is NSFW so be aware of that ahead of time. There's also sections of the show in untranslated Japanese. Enjoy.

Source: South Park Studios | Image via South Park Studios

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