Bing Ads are getting more clicks, but Google still leads the pack

For most people, when they think of Internet advertising, they think of Google, and rightfully so - Google has built an empire based on advertising revenue but they are not the only search engine on the block. Microsoft's Bing search engine has a small amount of the market too, and like Google, they offer up advertisements as a way to pay the bills.

But Microsoft wants you to know that its advertisement business is growing - quite a bit in fact. From last year, clicks on Bing's ads are up 30% and mobile clicks have grown by 133%. This means that the tools supporting the ads are helping to create more targeted advertisements which results in the increased number of clicks.

Of course, not knowing the exact figures behind the growth changes the perspective slightly, as percentages are easy to skew; it is a bit harder to put the growth in context with only percentages. Still, we suspect that Bing does have a modest amount of traffic considering that Alexa pegs it as the 25th most visited site on the web.

The growth of Bing ads is a good thing for those who want to purchase ads. We all know that Google dominates the search landscape and that gives them a considerable amount of power. By controlling the ad market and even the style of advertisements, it limits what Bing can do to differentiate itself from its competitors.

From an advertising perspective, marketers want to create one type of ad and have it displayed across the web. Knowing this, it means that advertisers abide to Google's direction and then want those same ads on Bing. Because Bing is still small compared to Google, marketers are less likely to craft unique content for Bing if it won't easily translate over to the Google campaigns too.

Source: Forbes

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