Bing-powered search US market share up 6%; Google down

It would appear that Google's claims that Microsoft was stealing search results from them has not stopped anyone from using the service.

In results published today, went from 10.60% market share in December 2010, up to 12.81% market share just last month, January 2011. That's an increase of 21% month-to-month. In the same time Yahoo! search was down four points, but overall Bing-powered search (which operates Yahoo! and Bing) was up from 25.77% to 27.44%, a total increase of 6%.

Meanwhile, Google saw a 2% drop going from 69.67% to 67.95% in the same timeframe.

In a press release, Experian Hitwise stated that Bing-powered search also received a higher success rate in webpage clicks. Essentially, this means that 81% of searches that took place on both Yahoo! and Bing resulted in the user actually clicking through to a website. Google's success rate was quite a lot lower at 65%.

It's important to mention that the study doesn't indicate whether the user found what they were looking for before ever clicking through to a website. It appears that the search engine wars are heating up again!

Image credit: Experian

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