Bing Travel knocked out in Seattle data center fire

A fire in Seattle has severed the power supply to a group of servers, which included Microsoft's Bing Travel section, according to a report by Tech Flash. Not only was that part of Bing knocked out, but also and various other sites, as a transformer was blown at the Fisher Plaza data center, where the servers were running.

A message has been posted on the AdHost site, stating the following:

"Beginning at approximately 11:18 PM on July 2nd and continuing through the present time Fisher Plaza experienced a significant power event that required all power systems including street power, UPS, and Generator power to be completely shut down in Plaza East.
The event is ongoing and, at this point, we do not have a ETA for service restoration. Please note that Adhost's Plaza West facility is not affected by this event. The Adhost phone system is not operational as a result of this event, but we are fully staffed and responding to emails sent to
Until further notice this will be the only conduit for communicating with Adhost. Please be patient with any requests sent into the Support email. We will process all requests as quickly as we can and we promise to answer every query.
If you have specific needs for assistance for powering up your devices, please send email to Support with specific instructions. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements. We apologize for the nature and extent of this event and are doing everything possible to restore service as quickly as possible.

Bing Travel also added, "A fire occurred at Fisher Plaza in downtown Seattle just after midnight on Friday morning. The blown transformer knocked out power to the entire building, which is home to the Bing Travel servers. We're hard at work to restore service following this unexpected event." If you're interested about the rest of the websites that were affected, please visit Kyle Mulka's blog, where you'll find a list of them all and whether they're up or down. Bing Travel is expected to be up shortly, so be alert if you need to use the service.

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