gets updated, becomes finger friendly

Bing updates its homepage quite often so it is not a surprise to see that the search engine has once again tweaked the homepage. While not a dramatic restyle, it appears that the landing page has been enlarged and that it is better suited for touch enabled devices.

Other than the enlargements, not much else has changed on the site and Bing still focuses on the stunning background images that populate the site each morning. It was not that long ago that Bing revamped its search results page to bring a bit more social to the platform.

Microsoft is dumping a lot of money in to Bing to help fight Google's dominance on the search market. Google currently has a commanding lead in the segment and Microsoft is working hard to show that it too, can provide quality search results.

We fully expect Bing to keep pushing out this minor tweaks as they have showed no signs of stopping until they perfect the layout. After taking a look at the new layout, do you approve? Or do you prefer the previous version of Bing?

Thanks for the tip Abhi!

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