Bink Exclusive: BSOD on Windows Server 2003

This from Bink: Well today I experienced the 1st Blue Screen of Death on Windows 2003. I logged on through RDP (using /console switch) to this server and suddenly lost connection. I thought maybe my user profile was corrupt. The server was configured to create a kernel memory dump file when a BSOD occurs. After reboot the error reporting tool popped up to upload the error report, after analyzing the report it took me to the OCA website (Online Crash Analysis), there I could upload the dumpfile (compressed). It is bad the BSOD happened but this procedure is cool, now MS can analyze the dumpfile and find out that the Intel Display drivers that comes with win2k3 sucks (which I found out analyzing the dumpfile myself).

MS will let Intel update the driver, next time someone get this BSOD it is redirected to OCA and is told there that this is a known issue and he should download the new driver at Intel via supplied URL.

I encourage everyone to enable error reporting in any MS software that supports it, this way you may get helped quick and or you help MS to make their product better and help others who encounter the same problem!

News source: Bink for the Crash Report and conclusion

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