Bioware to show two new games at E3

BioWare plans to show three games at its E3 display this year, the developer announced today. In addition to its own Jade Empire for Xbox, BioWare will show two more games -- one new in-house project, and another game developed by a third party with BioWare's technology. The developer's own new project is Dragon Age, a new PC RPG set in an original fantasy world. That's it as far as details now, although the press will get to see the game next week, so expect a full report from the show.

Meanwhile, Polish developer CDProjekt will show The Witcher, a new action-RPG for the PC. It's powered by BioWare's Aurora engine, the 3D technology behind Neverwinter Nights. If you're curious about the absence of Knights of the Old Republic 2 from the list, that isn't actually BioWare's project. Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts are working on that game, using BioWare's technology. BioWare doesn't have much more to say about its display as yet, but we'll obviously have plenty of details to pass on next week. Check back for a full report.

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