Black Friday brings down online retailers

Amazon, like many other online retailers were brought down yesterday from eager users trying to get their hands on some limited offers from the sites.,,,, and many others were overwhelmed with internet traffic from users that the sites experienced down time due to too many users trying to get cheap black Friday deals.

Much like last year, was hit the hardest again, offering electronics, video games, and personal media from 10% - 70% off some items, making a hot spot for online shoppers. Last year, was brought down due to black Friday shoppers trying to access the web site to save on things like Xbox360, and many other things.

Many online retails, including shoppers are not surprised by the event bringing major sites offline. This year's black Friday deals where heavily promoted, offering great deals to users on a first come, first serve basis. Overcrowding malls made online shopping web sites very tempting to millions of shoppers to avoid giant line ups, all from the convenience of their home.

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