BlackBerry CEO states that the company is now "out of danger"

It was only a few years ago that BlackBerry was still spiraling downwards. Formerly a smartphone powerhouse, its position had eroded, giving away a vast majority of its market share to the likes of Samsung, Apple, and others. But, things changed and the company pivoted from its own OS and decided to embrace a new business plan, one that would include licensing its name, providing security to enterprises, and having TCL build its handsets.

Since that time, we have seen the introduction of only a handful of handsets, with the most successful being the KEYone, that was released at the top of the year. The licensing deal has generated the company quite a nice profit, netting a little over $50 million.

Due to these turn of events, BlackBerry is back on the rise, with the firm moving its shares from NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). BlackBerry CEO John Chen explained in an interview with The Street, that the company made the move because it had to be closer to its customers. But more importantly, Chen stated that the company is now finally "out of danger".

The declaration comes as the company looks to make further inroads with respect to its involvement with autonomous vehicles and endpoint management which it has identified as high growth markets.

Source: The Street via phoneArena

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