BlackBerry Torch 2 could appear tomorrow

Research in Motion's latest line-up of BlackBerry handsets could be confirmed as early as tomorrow. The company scheduled a 'Media Event' with the press for August 3rd, and speculation immediately arose. Some suggestions were that a new version of BlackBerry Messenger could be unveiled and displayed, or new phones being released. In either case, the second iteration of the BlackBerry Torch looks like it will be a popular discussion point for the journalists attending.

The original BlackBerry Torch, also known as the BlackBerry 9800, was a 2010 model in the line-up. It was panned by critics for its high price and underwhelming specifications. At the time it was one of only a few models to have a touch screen (alongside the BlackBerry Storm annd Storm 2), though the BlackBerry Bold is also meant to be receiving a touch screen in addition to its keyboard in the near future. Coupled with negative reception from most critics and low sales, the Torch was a disappointment for RIM. Unsurprisingly, the chances of a newer model boasting superior hardware being introduced are rather high. The Torch released after the unveiling of BlackBerry OS6, which was mainly touch-and-gesture based.

According to reports from TechRadar, BGR managed to attain both the Bold Touch and the Torch 2, the Torch 2 is the phone the original model should have been. They have praised it for its superior specifications. Physically the Torch 2 is almost indistinguishable from the original model, though its internals are much more impressive. It boasts a 1.2GHz processor, BlackBerry OS 6.1, and a 640x480 screen resolution. Different rumors suggest the Torch 2's model number as being 9850 and 9810.

Another rumor suggests that a touch-screen variant of the BlackBerry Curve could appear as well. Whether this is the case or not is unclear. It could be real, or it could merely be an internet rumor intended to complete a circle of touch-screen BlackBerry devices. Another phone suggested could be the 'BlackBerry Monza', which would be a version of the Torch with a full touch-screen instead of using a QWERTY keyboard as well. The device has also been known as the 'BlackBerry Monaco', 'Storm 3', and 'Torch 9860'.

The only certainty across all of the devices is that they will run OS7, for OS6 has grown outdated. It is almost a year old and therefore, is scheduled for replacement.

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