Blizzard is suing an alleged Overwatch clone in China

Image credit: My Game News Flash

When you have a game as popular as Overwatch, it's to be expected that someone will try and copy the winning formula for their own product. Though, one game may have taken it a little too far, with similarities far too many and familiar to forgive.

Image credit: Hachima

The developers of Heroes of Warfare are being taken to court by Blizzard and NetEase, the company's Chinese operator for Overwatch. The game, they argue, is a clone of Overwatch and infringes upon Blizzard's intellectual property, with a demand for both an apology and the restitution for any financial damages. The game is currently available on Apple's App Sore and Blizzard is also petitioning the Cupertino-based company to remove it.

Image credit: Hachima

Screenshots of the game from Hachima and My Game New Flash shows character designs being strikingly similar to some of the existing Overwatch heroes, such as Widowmaker, Reinhardt and Winston. While the similarities in hero design are copious by themselves, the level design, in-game HUD and UI also feature striking similarities to their counterparts in Overwatch.

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Source: PC Watch via Kotaku

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