Blizzard wins $6 million in court case with MMO Glider

Another chapter of the Blizzard versus Glider story has come to a close. Blizzard and MDY Industries have been going at it over Glider since 2006, in a battle thats been rather important. Not only has it been about Glider doing something wrong, its been about how well an EULA will hold up in court. Thats something the entire gaming industry, especially MMOs, have their eyes on. If Blizzard had lost, it would have had a negative impact across the entire industry.

Blizzard is most certainly not losing. According to BBC News (among other sources), they just won $6 million from MDY Industries, which is less than what was expected of them. This isnt their first victory in the war, but its the first involving money. Blizzard could still appeal the ruling, so it may not necessarily be over, though I personally think the point has been made as far as damages. There are still further chapters in the story that await, because theyll be in court again in January of 2009 to resolve further issues.

This entire debacle is the perfect formula to rally people on MDYs side here on the internet. Blizzard is Goliath, and MDY is David. People are, generally, going to be on the side of Gliders makers just because siding with the little guy feels more familiar. Personally though, I feel like MDY Industries just got what was coming to them. They broke WoWs Terms of Service, enabled thousands of others to do the same, and they cast the first stone when it came to the lawsuits. They were pretty much begging Blizzard to crush them underfoot. They were doing a jig around the room singing, "You cant touch me, you cant touch me!" and then Blizzard backhanded them across the face.

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