HTC reportedly working on two Windows RT tablets

HTC is a close Microsoft partner in the smartphone market, and now the two may be working on tablets together.

Yesterday it was reported that Nokia is working on a Windows RT tablet, and now it appears another company known for its smartphones may be joining in on the Windows RT tablet game.

According to a new report by Bloomberg, HTC is preparing two tablets that will run on Microsoft's ARM version of Windows – a 12-inch tablet as well as a 7-inch tablet that will be able to make phone calls. If the report is true, HTC would likely be the first company to release a Windows tablet with a screen smaller than 10 inches, and it would also have the first Windows tablet that could double as a phone. The 12-inch tablet, conversely, would be one of the larger Windows RT devices on the market.

The Bloomberg report cites "a person familiar with [HTC's] plans" and said that source indicated the tablets would be released in the third quarter next year. The tablets would reportedly run on Qualcomm's chips. HTC had previously considered an Intel-powered Windows 8 tablet, although it scrapped those plans when it determined the price would be too high, Bloomberg's report states.

Representatives from both HTC and Microsoft declined to comment on Bloomberg's report.

HTC is increasingly becoming a major partner for Microsoft, as the company appears to be placing a major emphasis on Windows Phone devices after seeing its Android smartphone sales dwindle. Despite the increasing closeness of the companies, Bloomberg reported earlier this month that HTC scrapped plans to make a large-screen Windows Phone 8 handset because of Microsoft's current guidelines.

Few Windows RT devices are currently available because of restrictions Microsoft imposed that only allowed six companies to manufacture tablets that would run its ARM-powered operating system. Those restrictions are said to end in January, which should result in a substantial increase in the amount of Windows RT devices on the market.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via HTC

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