Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD in U.S. for first 9 months

Home Media Research, a division of Home Media Magazine, has found that from January 1 through September 30, total U.S. sales of Sony's Blu-ray discs amounted to 2.6 million units compared with Toshiba's 1.4 million HD-DVD discs. Since both formats launched in the spring of 2006, an estimated 4.98 million high-definition discs have been sold, including 3.01 million in Blu-ray and 1.97 million in HD-DVD through the end of September, according to Home Media. Nevertheless, Paramount Home Video said that "Transformers" had the biggest debut of any high-definition titles, selling over 100,000 HD-DVDs on Oct 16, its first day of release.

Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research, expects for Blu-ray to lead the year overall but noted that the 18-month period of exclusivity for HD-DVDs by Paramount and DreamWorks should strengthen HD-DVD's hand this quarter: "This definitely smooths out the edge that Blu-ray had in exclusive titles and it very much strengthens HD-DVD's hand in the fourth quarter."

News source: Yahoo! News

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