Blu-ray vs. Digital Download: Why Blu-ray is the Future

The war between the two high definition formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD, seems to have come to a bloody end. Company after company has pledged its allegiance to Blu-ray, and things look grim for Toshiba. However, many in the industry claim Sony's victory will be short lived in the face of a new nemesis, digital downloads.'s James Rivington goes over the facts and tell players why he believes that Blu-ray will survive in the face of digital downloads. I agree that Blu-ray is safe for now. Many people, myself included, want to actually own a physical copy of their media. If I have a catastrophic failure of my computer, I can always rebuild from the discs I have on hand. However, many distributers of digital downloads want to limit the time period and number of installs you're allowed to have. So in the event your game becomes corrupted or your CPU frags itself, you may actually have to repurchase your games if you bought them via digital download.

In short the digital download is renting or leasing where as Blu-ray is buying. Until they change that, I will be purchasing hard copies of all my media.


News source: Gaming Today

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