Bluetooth Phones Could Leak Data

A pair of security experts have found a Bluetooth exploit which allows hackers to steal any information stored on Bluetooth cell phones. The pair (Adam Laurie & Martin Herfurt) demonstrated this exploit on popular cell phones brands like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and TDK today.

Many of the most popular models of Bluetooth-enabled cell phones can be hacked easily, enabling a malicious hacker to steal phone books, images, calendar information, or virtually anything else stored on the phone, say a pair of security experts.

Adam Laurie, chief security officer and director of AL Digital and the Bunker, a secure Web hosting facility in Europe, and Martin Herfurt, a researcher at Salzburg Research, described the danger at a session Friday at the Defcon 12 conference here. The pair demonstrated how software tools they created give them virtually total control over Bluetooth phones from a wide range of handset manufacturers, including Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and TDK.

Widespread Vulnerabilities

Herfurt demonstrated three different ways to attack a phone: He could send unsolicited text messages to the phone's screen, download all the data stored on a phone (or manipulate the data on the phone itself), and turn the phone into a roaming bug by forcing a targeted phone to call another phone.

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