Blueyonder Roll Out 2Mb Service

TELEWEST Broadband announced the price of its 2mb service today, although not officially. And at a cost which might prove too much for some users, at least.

Telewest will charge £50.00 per month to existing Telewest package subscribers or £54.99 for non-subscribers. The price and the subscription to the service can only be accessed here, right now.

If the initial feedback from users on the 2Mb trial, via Telewests own newsgroups, is anything to go by - the price is most unwelcome.

Most were expecting a £10 to £15 increase from the 1Mb price (currently, £35 with Telewest services and £39.99 without).

The upload speed will remain 256 kbps, same as the 1Mb service - another gripe the newsgroups make clear.

Fergal Butler, Telewests own Internet Technical Consultant did say, however: It's much easier to lower the price, than raise it". Perhaps all is not lost then.

NB - Blueyonder users can find the option to upgrade in Selfcare.

News source: The Inquirer

View: Sign-up Now - thanks DJ|Mulefire

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