Bob Muglia delivers the Windows Server roadmap

Microsoft senior vice president Bob Muglia is responsible for the development of Windows Server and communicating the companys Windows Server roadmap. I recently had dinner with Muglia and Windows Server Senior Director Jeff Price at Bostons historic Union Oyster House, where we discussed that roadmap and the features Microsoft hopes to include in the next several Windows Server versions. Heres what Muglia and Price had to say about the future of Windows Server.

Bob Muglia [BM]: Its been just over a year since we released Windows Server 2003, so I thought wed give you some updates on that. You were at the launch last year, right?

Paul: Oh yeah.

BM: With this release, we started to talk about what Windows Server does for the cost of IT operations, and for IT infrastructure. Thats when we rolled out the "Do more with less" concept. Ideally we can help IT administrators save time and money while theyre helping end users. Were seeing, a little over a year into it, in our last quarter, we had about 30 percent growth, year-over-year. Its just a huge success, especially Small Business Server, which is very strong. So were going to continue a theme over the next few years of trying to innovate along three major initiatives--Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Trustworthy Computing, and .NET--all to drive a set of benefits for users that are pretty consistent. So wed like to discuss how were going to drive those initiatives over major and minor [Server] releases.

News source: SuperSite for Windows

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