Bohemia Interactive injects DayZ formula into new game, Vigor

During Microsoft's Inside Xbox E3 2018 livestream, it announced a new game called Vigor, developed by Bohemia Interactive. Bohemia Interactive is known for its work on the ARMA series and DayZ.

While the trailer doesn't offer much in terms of information, the developer shed more light on the title during its presentation, stating that the premise of the game is that central Europe has been hit by a nuclear bomb, leaving it in ruins. Norway seems to offer salvation, but it won't be a stroll in the park as you will be forced to take it, competing against 8 to 16 players.

While killing will be a huge part of the game, you will also be tasked with living. This means that you will need to claim resources, create a safe shelter, and prosper in a ravaged land. The developer also noted that while you will know how many people are at the start of the game, you won't know how many are remaining as time passes.

Although being killed could mean you lose it all, the developer has given players a bit of mercy, offering exit points that will keep them safe from incoming enemies. If the player chooses to exit a match, they can do so. It is unclear whether there will be consequences for doing this but representatives from the developer were adamant that this is about scavenging for resources.

Vigor will also put a lot of emphasis on crafting. There could be weapons laying about from the airdrop in the beginning, but those will be the rarest finds in the game. Instead, most players will most likely have to discover blueprints, find parts, and build weapons and other items. There is also a progression tree for such skills like crafting.

The title will be available through the Xbox Game Preview starting this summer. An official launch date for the game has not been announced. If curious, you can sign up for the preview via the game's website.

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