Bollywood signs up for Kazaa download sales

Indias film makers are offering Internet movie downloads on file-trading service Kazaa in a move that could lower costs and boost revenues in Bollywood, the worlds most prolific film production centre. Some 35 producers will be able to sell movies using Kazaa, a file-sharing program owned by Australias Sharman Networks, according to company statement. The move stands in sharp contrast to the position of the US film industry, which has been reluctant to adopt downloads for distribution, focusing on stamping out Internet-based piracy.

"In a distribution deal struck between Sharmans partner Altnet... and, one of the most popular Bollywood entertainment sites, Kazaas estimated 60 million global users will gain access to previously unavailable content," Kazaa stated. The industry started its first download last month when Kazaas users were offered "Supari" (A Contract for Killing), a slick thriller, for $2.99 (£2). The file was programmed to self destruct after being viewed and could not be copied.

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News source: ZDNet UK

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