Boy Scouts create a "video games" badge

The Boy Scouts of America pride themselves on badges and what they represent. There are badges for outdoor activities, disability awareness, good manners, and now, as Gizmodo points out, video games. The video games badge falls under the academic and sports category. In order to attain such a standard of "excellence," a Scout must, successfully, complete a number of tasks.

Video Games Badges

According to the official Boy Scouts of America web site, the process for attaining a Video Games badge requires multiple steps. To get a belt loop, a Scout must:

  1. Explain why a rating system for video games is important and check that his video games are age appropriate
  2. With an adult, make and follow a schedule for yourself that makes time for chores, homework, and video games
  3. Learn to play a video game that is approved by a parent, guardian, or teacher

To qualify for an academics pin, a Scout is required to:

  1. With parents, make a plan to buy a video game that is age appropriate
  2. Compare two video game systems, explain the differences, and list reasons to purchase or use them
  3. Play a video game tournament with family members
  4. Teach an adult or friend to play a game
  5. List 5 or more tips to help someone play you favorite game
  6. For one hour, play an age appropriate game with a friend
  7. Play a game that will help your math, spelling, or other school related skill
  8. Pick a game that you want to purchase and compare the price, return policy, and warranty at different stores
  9. Install a gaming system with adult supervision
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