Bragging rights ahoy: Facebook is ‘world's best employer'

A job is what you make of it. No matter the environment, the people and the work you’re doing. As long as you’re happy, that’s what will make your day fly in, you’ll love your work and your employers will be getting the best from you. Now it seems that Facebook is getting the best out of its employees.

This is how Facebook's offices look(ed) - cluttered, but fun!

A recent survey completed by Glassdoor, who describe themselves as a “free job and career community,” has found that of all the employees that responded to the survey, Facebook tops the list as the best place to work. The closest comparable employer to them, Google, ranks as 6th on the list.

Currently, Facebook employs around 4000 people, and for the Glassdoor survey 428 responded to help catapult the social networking giant to the top of the table. Microsoft didn’t even make the top 50 and Citrix and Intel could only manage 23rd and 31st respectively.

So, why have Facebook’s employees rated their employer so highly? According to a current product manager, you are “challenged every day to do your best work.” We’ve sure annual video game day helps too, not to mention a $4,000 bonus for new parents.

All this being said though, the major and often cited ‘Top 100’ lists that arrive around this time of year paint a very different picture of life in Facebook. Fortune’s Top 100 have Google at number 1 and Microsoft at 75. Facebook, along with other giants such as Apple and IBM, didn’t make the list at all!

Source: Glassdoor
Via: IABUK | Image courtesy of Izismile

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