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Its that time again when we invade on your privacy and ask you the most ridiculous questions in our online Poll.. Many thanks to 2284 members who took part in our previous poll (results below)

Without a doubt the death of 1.44mb Floppy Drive seems more realistic than a new Pink Floyd CD or Mass Alien Invasion. Most interesting is Duke Nukem Forever is least likely to happen (3DRealms take notes!).

New Poll

So, this brings us to our next question. Valve pretty much stole the show at E3 when it announced its debut to Half-Life (surprisingly called Half-Life 2, Genius!) and pretty much blew everone away because, well half of the world simply didn't expect it. As with Doom III - The Fall of 2003 promises to be a great period for gamers, but which are you looking forward to? 2003 belongs too..

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