Browser Wars II?

Many thanks to Toxikk who posted here in BPN, which kicked off a luvverly discussion on the merits of using non-IE browsers.

Personally, I just installed both Phoenix and Avant Browser, the latter being my choice when I don't feel in an IE mood.

Latest News about Microsoft Manual of Style advises readers to avoid using the word "navigate" to describe browsing Web pages; it instead suggests that writers use the word "explore." Little wonder, since Microsoft worked hard to erase Netscape Navigator's early lead over its own Internet Explorer Web browser.

Microsoft successfully conquered Netscape, but Navigator's open source Latest News about open source offshoot, Mozilla, is overtaking Internet Explorer in terms of features, if not yet market share.

While Microsoft claims to be a champion of innovation, the Mozilla team has developed features that Explorer still does not have. Christopher Blizzard, one of the Mozilla developers, told NewsFactor that it is all about choice. "One thing that Mozilla does better than all the other browsers out there is that we understand that people want to use the Web in their own ways," he said.

View: Alternative Web Browsers: Revenge of the Lizard

View: the Back Page News posting

News source: NewsFactor Network

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