BrowserSwarm: Microsoft's latest tool for developers

Microsoft loves developers and has been providing them with resources to help make their jobs, just a little bit easier. With sites such as, Microsoft wants to help you spend more time coding and less time on cross-browser compatibility.

What is Browserswarm? Well, if you live in the land of JavaScript, get ready to put a big smile on your face. The tool helps developers automate how they test JavaScript projects across devices and browsers. For those of you who are not developers, understand this, Microsoft is helping to automate one of the most painful processes with development, cross-browser compatibility.

This new site is a partnership between Microsoft, Sauce Labs, and the open source folks over at Appendto. The service runs in the cloud and allows developers to save multiple testing environments for re-use and helps you cut down on server resources.

It takes only a few minutes to setup an account and you can link-in your repository from GitHub. When you publish your project, BrowserSwarm automatically runs and tests your projects in the various scenarios. Once the test is complete, you’ll get a ‘fix list’ that tells you where you project broke compatibility.

Microsoft is launching this service in beta but it is a rapidly evolving project. Microsoft told Neowin that they would be listening to user feedback on how to grow the service and if you have any requests, make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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