BTJunkie torrent file site shuts down after seven years

Yet another file sharing web site has shut down, but this time the operators of the site are the ones who have made the decision to pull the plug. The site closed its operations a few hours ago, with the message above this post now displayed on the site's front page.

In a chat with TorrentFreak, one of the unnamed founders of the site said that the decision was made to close operations after the recent legal actions against file sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay and Megaupload. However the site's owner said that he hopes other such web sites will stay in operation, saying, "I really do hope so, the war is far from over for sure."

Founded in June 2005, was one of the top five most popular BitTorrent-based file sharing web sites. It had an rating of 389 and claimed to have tens of millions of users.

With the US government closing down Megaupload in January and the more recent court decision that will send The Pirate Bay's founders to jail, it seems like there is a greater push to make life very hard for other file sharing web sites that might have copyright material stored on their servers.

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