Bug in Windows Store showing false high app rankings?

Technically, Windows 8 won't officially launch to the public until October 26th. However, a few people can already obtain Microsoft's next operating system by legal means. Windows 8 app developers can also submit their apps to the Windows Store and those early users can download and rank them, if they wish.

This weekend, the McAkins Online website has posted up an alert that seems to show a bug in how the Windows Store currently handles their list of highest ranked Windows 8 apps. According to the post:

The picture above shows highest rating report in the Store. According to Microsoft, ASUS WebStorage is the highest rated app in the Store, but when you check its rating, it only has one rating at 5-Stars. Same for the next app and the next.

The web site points out that there have been hundreds of rankings for Windows 8 apps such as MetroTwit, Fresh Paint or Fruit Ninja, which has the true highest ranking on the Windows Store.

The same report is also critical of some of the categories that Windows 8 apps are placed in the Windows Store. Among other examples, it shows that the recently launched $499.99 app, the EMS Surface, is placed in the Health and Fitness category of the store. While it is supposed to be used in medical offices, it's more of a data retrieval app and would be better placed in the Business category.

Source: McAkins Online | Image via McAkins Online

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