BUILD 2012 day 2 keynote live blog

It's day 2 of Microsoft's BUILD 2012 developers conference and we are under the big outdoor tent here in Redmond, Washington for the second keynote event.

Unlike Tuesday, when we had a little bit of an idea of what might be discussed, we really have no idea what Microsoft has in store for BUILD 2012 attendees this time. Yesterday, the company announced that it had already sold four million Windows 8 upgrades and gave all attendees a free Surface tablet, a free Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone and 100 GB of free SkyDrive data storage.

We don't think Microsoft can really top what they did Tuesday, but we will be here to report on it if they do. Stay tuned for the live blog which should begin around 9 am Pacific Times (noon Eastern Time)

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

15:48 John Callaham Welcome to this live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
15:48 John Callaham We still have a few minutes before we start
15:51 John Callaham There's some DJ action on stage at the moment
15:52 John Callaham And there's some developers on the video wall talking about making Windows 8 apps
15:59 John Callaham Ok..the stage is being reset
16:00 John Callaham President of Servers and Tools is on stage
16:00 John Callaham Looks like we will get some info about cloud connected apps for Windows 8
16:01 John Callaham 5,000 devices on the WiFi network , according to Satya
16:03 John Callaham Microsoft is reimaging Windows for the cloud
16:03 John Callaham Microsoft is reimaging Windows for the cloud
16:04 John Callaham Lots of sharing and social features
16:04 John Callaham Microsoft wants to make it easy for app developers to send apps to the best devices
16:07 John Callaham More chat about how Microsoft is really pushing for more cloud-based services for things like Xbox Live, Bing, Skydrive and more
16:09 John Callaham Device centric apps linked to the cloud are getting a spotlight
16:10 John Callaham Windows Azure Mobile Services will allow for cloud-based services for apps
16:11 John Callaham Creating an app on stage that links to Windows Azure
16:12 John Callaham Windows Phone 8 now supports Windows Azure Mobile Services
16:13 John Callaham Coding on stage to enable app to work with Windows Azure
16:13 John Callaham (Obviously, this keynote is more technical than yesterday's event )
16:15 John Callaham The service also allows apps to quickly support things like Twitter, Facebook and Google
16:17 John Callaham App makers can make quick changes to cloud services as well
16:17 John Callaham Now to integrate SkyDrive to this simple app
16:20 John Callaham Adding a tablet for ratings on an app
16:21 John Callaham Windows Phone 8 preview for Windows Phone Azure Mobile Services is available now
16:21 John Callaham USA Today Windows 8 app uses Azure for its cloud services
16:22 John Callaham Now we are talking about web-based services
16:23 John Callaham Web sites, storage, SQL databases and more
16:25 John Callaham Uploading a video from the BUILD 2012 Hackathon to their web page service
16:29 John Callaham Showing coding that allows programmers to view and change videos uploaded
16:31 John Callaham Creating a new website with the database
16:33 John Callaham Lots of flexibity with Azure to create web services
16:34 John Callaham Facebook passwords can be used for Azure-based websites
16:35 John Callaham So basically Microsoft has now announced Windows Azure Web Sites today
16:36 John Callaham Murally, a web mural site, used Windows Azure Web Site
16:36 John Callaham 1 million hits for launch in September, Windows Azure allows for sites to scale up to meet demand
16:36 John Callaham Now we are talking about cloud-scale services
16:38 John Callaham Scott Guthrie is on stage (Corporate VP)
16:39 John Callaham Windows Azure Media Services is coming this fall
16:41 John Callaham Upload a video to Windows Azure Media Services
16:42 John Callaham Once uploaded, users can change the encoding format of the video
16:42 John Callaham Then you can publish it and embedding in an application
16:46 John Callaham on camera in front of thousands of people
16:46 John Callaham The video was uploaded to Windows Azure Media Services
16:47 John Callaham The video would be encoded and can be streamed
16:47 John Callaham and the video that was made just a few seconds ago is now streaming on the net
16:48 John Callaham But what if you have a much longer video that is bigger in storage size?
16:51 John Callaham More coding on stage
16:53 John Callaham Test out two emulators on one machine
16:56 John Callaham Windows Azure Datacenter is fully automated
16:58 John Callaham Leasing Windows Azure Store to others
17:03 John Callaham Announcing the Windows Azure Store
17:04 John Callaham Similar to Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and Office Store
17:04 John Callaham Offering first and third party apps specifically for Windows Azure services
17:06 John Callaham Azure Team Foundation service launches today
17:08 John Callaham Creating a custom databased for team use..product backlog page and more
17:11 John Callaham Free offer for teams of less than five people
17:12 John Callaham Now we are talking about cloud services for enterprise
17:13 John Callaham Office 365 extension for Windows Azure
17:13 John Callaham Azure is a backend for SharePoint
17:17 John Callaham Video showing Workday, an HP-based company that uses cloud services
17:19 John Callaham They think Windows 8 and Office 365 will help them'
17:19 John Callaham Now we are talking about data centric
17:22 John Callaham Hadoop on Windows Azure
17:23 John Callaham We are checking the BUILDClips app again
17:28 John Callaham Checking out database of video views by country
17:28 John Callaham kind of cool actually
17:28 John Callaham Uses Excel to visually create the data
17:33 John Callaham The keynote is actually running a bit late at the moment
17:33 John Callaham Oh, Halo 4 is on the video wall now
17:33 John Callaham Halo 4 is using Windows Azure
17:34 John Callaham Game team uses Azure to test Halo 4
17:35 John Callaham Looks like we are wrapping up
17:36 John Callaham What's next?
17:37 John Callaham That's hardware giveaway, sadly
17:37 John Callaham thanks for reading
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