BUILD 2012 keynote live blog

We are now inside the big tent that was built on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington especially for the company's BUILD 2012 developer conference. The keynote event is scheduled to being at 9 am Pacific Times (noon Eastern Time).

Before the event begins, attendees are getting a free electronic music concert from Jordan Rudess. He is not only a keyboardist for the band Dream Theater, he is also a software creator who has made programs for Windows 8.

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

15:51 John Callaham Welcome to this live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
15:51 John Callaham We are now here under the big test
15:52 John Callaham Jordan Rudess is showing off his Windows 8 music app on the new Surface as well as a Lenovo PC on stage
15:53 John Callaham The app allows people to manipulate sounds and music by just touching the screen
15:55 John Callaham He's showing off an app called Tachyon that not only can create music but also creates 3D visuals that are changed by the sounds.
15:57 John Callaham Now there's a video presentation showing famous software creators (WordPress, Atari, Plants Vs Zombies)
15:58 John Callaham Bill Gates shows up briefly in the video
15:58 John Callaham More music now from Jordan Rudess
15:59 John Callaham We should start the keynote in a couple of minutes
16:03 John Callaham We seem to be running a little late but Jordan is killing it on the keyboards while we wait.
16:05 John Callaham So far the tent is holding out the leaks evident.
16:06 John Callaham Ok..he seems to be wrapping up..getting lots of applause
16:06 John Callaham Now showing the Times Square Windows 8 video we posted earlier this week
16:07 John Callaham Lots of Windows 8 hardware is being put on stage
16:08 John Callaham Now they are showing Steve Ballmer's Windows Phone 8 video
16:08 John Callaham Ballmer is onstage
16:09 John Callaham He is expressing his concern about the people affected by Hurricane Sandy
16:10 John Callaham BUILD 2013 is apparently confirmed..will be held in a "bigger" venue than this year
16:10 John Callaham 4 million windows 8 upgrades since Friday
16:12 John Callaham Sales of Windows 8 hardware are good so far
16:13 John Callaham Reviews are good too
16:15 John Callaham Ballmer says that Windows 8 PCs are the best PC ever made
16:17 John Callaham Lots of innovation in the hardware base
16:18 John Callaham Ballmer now is talking about Windows Phone 8
16:18 John Callaham They are the smartphones that people will want who own a Windows 8 PC
16:18 John Callaham According to Ballmer that is
16:19 John Callaham Ballmer says that Microsoft wanted to create a
16:19 John Callaham "personal" smartphone OS
16:20 John Callaham Ballmer says there is a lot of opportunity for app makers in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
16:22 John Callaham Makes apps easy to personalize
16:24 John Callaham Showing Windows 8 demo now
16:24 John Callaham Ballmer is doing the demo himself
16:25 John Callaham He says that he is not a pro demo guy
16:25 John Callaham showing an 82 inch Windows 8 "slate"
16:26 John Callaham He's using it to show off Bing Maps
16:27 John Callaham Showing OneNote on the big screen
16:29 John Callaham The hardware comes from Perspective Pixel, which Microsoft acquired earlier this year
16:29 John Callaham Showing the slightly smaller but still big Dell 27 inch XPS all-in-one PC
16:30 John Callaham Searching for Jessica Alba on the PC
16:30 John Callaham (She showed up at the Windows Phone 8 press event)
16:31 John Callaham The Finance Windows 8 app apparently doesn't like Jessica Alba..:)
16:32 John Callaham Showing off the News Windows 8 app
16:33 John Callaham Lots of Jessica Alba news in that app
16:34 John Callaham So far the demo section is going off without a hitch
16:35 John Callaham Ballmer is changing the lock screen on the Dell PC and it shows up on the big 82 inch PC
16:36 John Callaham Now Ballmer is showing the Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Samsung, Nokia and HTC
16:37 John Callaham He's syncing the Lumia device to other Windows Phones
16:38 John Callaham Asus Vivo Tab RT is up next
16:38 John Callaham Ballmer wants to throw it into the audience but its logged into his email account :)
16:39 John Callaham He's checking the status of the San Francisco Giants on the Asus
16:39 John Callaham They beat the Detroit Tigers; That's Ballmer's home team
16:41 John Callaham Now he's showing the Windows RT Surface
16:41 John Callaham And if you don't know what that is by now welcome to Earth :)
16:41 John Callaham Ballmer is using the Touch Cover
16:42 John Callaham Actually it may be the Type Cover
16:42 John Callaham Shows off Xbox Music on the Surface
16:43 John Callaham Ballmer is searching for a song..people are yelling out "Freebird"
16:43 John Callaham Ballmer selects Beautiful Day from U2
16:43 John Callaham And its now streaming on Xbox Music
16:44 John Callaham Ballmer is showing the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8
16:45 John Callaham Showing the new touch version of Outlook
16:46 John Callaham Using OneNote with the ThinkPad Tablet 2's included stylus
16:47 John Callaham Finally, Ballmer shows Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook
16:47 John Callaham which we were very impressed with when we got a chance to check out last week
16:48 John Callaham Ballmer suggests people will gravite to touch screen laptops
16:48 John Callaham The Acer PC has Visual Studio 2012 installed for this demo
16:49 John Callaham to show how app makers can develop software on regular PCs
16:49 John Callaham Ballmer shows off for IE10 and Windows 8
16:50 John Callaham Ballmer says Microsoft is "All In" with Windows 8
16:50 John Callaham Now we will see a video showing off Xbox SmartGlass
16:52 John Callaham Nothing new here that we haven't reported on before
16:52 John Callaham But it looks cool
16:52 John Callaham But it looks cool
16:52 John Callaham Now Steven Guggenheimer is on stage
16:52 John Callaham he's the VP for developer and platform evanglism
16:53 John Callaham He's going to show off a few Windows 8 apps
16:54 John Callaham Shows off a Disney Phineus and Ferb game on the Surface
16:54 John Callaham side scroller game
16:55 John Callaham takes a game controller and puts it into the USB port on the Surface to play the game
16:56 John Callaham Now Steven brings up Skype
16:56 John Callaham Talks on Skype to Microsoft developer Golnaz Albeigi
16:56 John Callaham and now he is Skyping and playing the game on the same screen
16:59 John Callaham Showing Autocad on Windows 8
16:59 John Callaham taking notes on a Sony Windows 8 device
17:01 John Callaham He's talking about the financial terms of the Windows Store
17:02 John Callaham talking about Windows 8 in-app ads now
17:02 John Callaham using real money to pay for content in a Windows 8 game
17:03 John Callaham You can use PayPal if you don' want to fool with Microsoft's financial store
17:04 John Callaham ESPN app is next
17:04 John Callaham Michael Bayle, VP of ESPN, is on stage
17:05 John Callaham He's going over the bullet points for the ESPN Windows 8 app
17:06 John Callaham We are getting the first public look at this app, which has not yet been released
17:06 John Callaham lots of content planned: stories, podcasts, galleries and more
17:08 John Callaham seems to be wrapping up
17:08 John Callaham Ballmer is back
17:08 John Callaham showing off some of the apps in Windows 8
17:08 John Callaham TBS is coming, People magazine as well
17:08 John Callaham Expedia as well
17:09 John Callaham SAP will be coming, as well Dropbox
17:09 John Callaham Twitter confirmed it will make a Windows 8 app
17:12 John Callaham Ballmer believes that we will see growth in the PC market
17:13 John Callaham but even if PC growth is flat, there will be 400 million Windows 8 machines in the next year
17:14 John Callaham More and better marketing for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface
17:16 John Callaham 100 GB of SkyDrive storage for free to all BUILD 2012 attendees :)
17:17 John Callaham Everyone is getting a Surface RT tablet
17:20 John Callaham Now we get a Windows Phone app presentation
17:22 John Callaham showing off Kid Corner
17:25 John Callaham Windows Phone 8 SDK publicly released
17:28 John Callaham Showing some app development for Windows Phone 8
17:30 John Callaham putting a grayscale filter to a photo in Windows Phone 8
17:30 John Callaham and showing how the code can be moved to all of the app's code
17:31 John Callaham more controls to Windows Phone 8 UI for better fast and fuild apps
17:31 John Callaham as well as better live tiles
17:34 John Callaham piloting a remote helicopter on the screen
17:35 John Callaham with Windows Phone 8
17:35 John Callaham Games for Windows Phone 8 are next
17:36 John Callaham Unity rep Tony Garcia is on deck
17:37 John Callaham showing off demo of first Windows Phone 8 using Unity 3D engine
17:40 John Callaham Showing a first person shooter running on Windows Phone 8
17:40 John Callaham Richard Kerris from Nokia is on stage
17:41 John Callaham Showing the Lumia 920
17:41 John Callaham gets a lot of applause
17:42 John Callaham Oh oh..looks like someone is getting more free hardware
17:43 John Callaham lowering registration for Windows Store to just 8 dollars for the next 8 days
17:44 John Callaham Another video about windows 8 app development
17:45 John Callaham That's it for the stuff thanks for reading
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