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Bush to families: 'Entire nation grieves with you'

Now hours after the event, everyones worst fears have been confirmed. All seven Astronauts lost their lives some 15 minutes before they would of landed safely after a 15 day mission that started on January 16th.

Many people have commented in the original story we put up (2nd under this one) unfortunately not all the comments made reflect the general feeling here at Neowin today. We will address these matters because I personally do not believe that the Internet may continue to be faceless excuse to make remarks that do damage on our community. Something we strive daily to better and protect.

Due to the large amount of comments I have decided to include US President George W Bush's speech here (in read more)

News source: CNN

Our deepest condolences, prayers and sympathy go out to the families of Shuttle Crew STS-107:

Colonel Rick Husband

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Anderson

Commander Laurel Clark

Captain David Brown

Commander William McCool

Dr. Kalpana Chawla

Colonel Ilan Ramon (Israeli)

We will resume normal posting tomorrow and we ask that people respect that we will not handle email or web news submissions until that time.

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