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Buying an iPhone in some countries might cost 100% of your annual salary

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Ever wondered how much you need to work in a year to buy a new iPhone? The price of an iPhone could be as low as just 2% of your annual salary but in some countries, it may even exceed your annual income. That's according to the new data shared by World of Statistics that estimates how much percentage of the annual salary is required to buy an iPhone, an iPhone 14 Pro 128GB model in this case.

As per the data, an iPhone 14 Pro would be the lightest on the pocket for someone living in Switzerland, where the device costs just 1.8% of the average annual salary. On the flip side, the iPhone 14 Pro might cost a whopping 105.3% and 104.1% of the annual salary in Nigeria and Pakistan respectively.

Speaking of the US, which is also the home to Apple, buying an iPhone 14 Pro will cost about 2% of the average annual salary. In other words, the device would cost about a week's income if we consider the per day earnings of an average American.

Meanwhile, Singapore (2%), United Arab Emirates (2%), Canada (3%), Germany (3.9%), United Kingdom (4%), and France (4.8%) are some other countries where you can buy an iPhone for less than 5% of your annual salary.

China has been associated with the production of iPhones for many years and it costs around 9.3% of the yearly salary in that country to buy an iPhone 14 Pro 128GB model. Whereas in India, the same would cost about 23.4% of the annual income. India has emerged as a production hub for Apple products in recent years and got its first two Apple Stores earlier this year in Mumbai and Delhi.

The difference in iPhone prices could be due to various reasons such as high import taxes in some countries or no sales tax, for instance, in the US. But the data certainly gives an overview of how expensive is an iPhone in different parts of the world.

Via 9to5Google

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