Buzz layer comes to Google Maps on PC

It's true, Google Buzz was not well received by the general public at first go. But, since then, Google has ramped up development within the project and swiftly addressed the privacy issues that plagued the service at launch.

Like it or not, Buzz has grown. It's available in some form or another on most major smartphone platforms, and enables Googlers to quickly "buzz" about anything they want in a mere instant. The beauty of Buzz, however, does not lie in the fact that it allows you to quickly get your messages out to the world; it lies in its ability to associate your messages with a physical location.

Until now, the only place you could see a map of nearby buzzes was within the mobile version of the Google Maps application. Today, Google has announced, on the Google Mobile Blog, that the Buzz layer is now available on the PC as well. When visiting, there is now a "Buzz" option under the "More..." button at the top right of the maps area. Now you can enjoy the same, rich, googley, social experience via the comfort of your PC.

Buzz in Google Maps for PC

Image taken from Google.

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