CaixaBank signs up to buy 30,000 Windows Phones

The Lumia 925 is the phone that CaixaBank will use in the first part of its 30,000 deal with Nokia.

Nokia has announced what is easily the largest single enterprise deal for yet for Windows Phone devices. Today, the company said it has signed an agreement with Spanish financial services group CaixaBank that will provide the business with 30,000 Lumia smartphones.

The press release says that the first phase of the agreement will give CaixaBank employees access to the Lumia 925 model, but there will be options to upgrade to future Lumia models in the future. Employees at CaixaBank will also be able to acquire Lumia phones for their personal use as part of this deal, along with their family and friends. The press release added, "The close collaboration between CaixaBank, Nokia, and Microsoft has enabled Nokia and Microsoft to offer valuable technical and creative support in CaixaBank's technological development phase."

The 30,000 smartphone agreement eclipses another deal made by Nokia and Microsoft with Delta Airlines, which provided their 19,000 flight attendants with Lumia 820 phones. Recently, it was announced that those same employees will be getting upgraded to the more recent, and much larger, Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones.

Source: Nokia

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