Calgary police chair envisions Internet security centre

Ian Wilms, the chair of Calgary's police commission and president of the Canadian Association of Police Boards wants to set up an international Internet security centre in Alberta to monitor online child predators, hackers and terrorists. The idea is to bring police from around the world to a facility called CyberPol in Alberta where they could work with computer experts from the private sector. Wilms is looking for permission from the province to set up the centre; a bill that would allow him to proceed is currently before the Alberta legislature.

The centre would get its funding from a variety of police services but would be operated independently. Wilms said that way, the system would allow for more co-operation than if it was a government agency. "We need a private entity so that the private sector can come in and work with the law-enforcement agencies in a new kind of model of policing, which is what we have to go forward with. The current environment is not working today."

News source: CBC News

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