Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games to hit the Wii and DS

After two years and a second game in its series released on other consoles, the critically acclaimed and commercial success that is Modern Warfare will finally be making its way to Nintendo's Wii console during the same period that its sequel will hit the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game is to be ported by Treyarch, the developers behind the more recent Call of Duty title, World at War, which arrived on the Wii during its multi-platform release late last year. It is said that the Wii version of Modern Warfare will launch the same day as Modern Warfare 2 on the 10th November, which if lucky will help sales for those wanting some Call of Duty action on Nintendo's family aimed device.

Also to be released on the same day as Modern Warfare 2 and the Wii port of its Prequel, Modern Warfare: Mobilized will be arriving on Nintendo's DS handheld.
Made for the DS, the game will have its own story separate from that of its counter parts and will contain missions that take advantage of the touch screen display, which could include controlling UAV drones, hacking computers and as seen in the first Modern Warfare, shooting enemies from the safety of a gunship.

While low on details, the game will also include a horde like survival mode, as seen in World at War, which pits players against multiple rounds of enemies before you are overwhelmed by their numbers, also present will be a six player online multi-player mode to boot.

With these two and the new Modern Warfare 2 all arriving at the same time, its expected to be a pretty packed few weeks for Call of Duty fans across a range of consoles.

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